Best Tips for Flirting with Women

Man and Woman Flirting over coffee date IrelandIntro Dating Advice for Irish Singles

After growing tired of Irish dating sites, you’ve made your way to the professional matchmaking services offered at Intro. You’re in good hands, as we make dating in Ireland an enjoyable experience. It all begins with our careful selection of the right woman for you. After this, we take the anxiety out of planning a first date by doing it for you. Now, we want the date to be a success; let us offer our best tips for flirting with women.

Pre-Date Prep:

Believe it or not, but your flirting begins with your prep before the date. Most importantly, it’s about your hygiene and grooming. You may be meeting after work, but it’s important that you make time for a shower and to put on new clothes. You want to appear fresh and clean for your date. Pick out an outfit that is appropriate for the setting for the date. Plus, clothes that fit you well. Have a trusted female friend come over and help you select the outfit, if you’re unsure. Looking good will let your date know that you care enough about them to make the effort.

During the Date:

It’s all about your confidence level without entering into cocky territory. If you’re confident in yourself, then that positivity will spread to your date. She’ll know that you want to have a good time and will provide her with one too. Smile lots and give her a friendly greeting. Let her know that you only want to be right there with her at that very moment. During the conversation, be mindful that you’re focused on her feelings and thoughts. Show genuine interest about her life, goals, and dreams. Paraphrase them back to her with additional questions and she’ll be impressed that you’re actually listening. Be aware of your body language and ensure that you maintain an open stance. Avoid crossing your arms, hunching over, or crossing your legs. Definitely use your body language to your advantage by maintaining eye contact and placing your fingers between hers in an affectionate manner.

Intro Matchmaking – Connecting Singles

Irish dating can prove to be a difficult process for many. Using Intro’s professional dating agency ensures that you’re already ahead of the rest. You’ve been set up with a perfect match. We’ve put together a great first date. Now it’s just up to the two of you to connect. Using our best tips for flirting with women allows you to come off natural during your date.