Best Tips for Flirting with Men

Flirting with Irish MenIntro Matchmaking advice

At Intro, we provide all the tools for you to have a successful relationship. It starts with personally selecting the right man. After, we help by putting together a special first date. Now what happens during the date is up to you. If you’re struggling in the flirting department, then let us assist by providing our best tips for flirting with men.

Pre-date routine:
Put yourself in a good mood to go on the date. If you’re meeting after work, give yourself ample time for traffic, errands, etc. You don’t want to be late or feel rushed to get there on time. As well, pick out a few outfits the night before. On the day of, look over each again, and determine that one that makes you feel the most confident.

The Approach:
The flirting begins, as soon as you spot your date. Smile wide, as you approach them. Let them know that you’re interested. Maintain eye contact with him to let him know with your eyes that you’re excited to meet him. Finally, when you shake hands, place your other hand around the outside of his hand and let it linger for a few moments. You’ve now plainly let him know that you’re interested and excited about what’s to come.

During the date:
You’re both now settled and about to start the date. Here’s your chance to pay him a compliment. It can be on his smile, hairstyle, clothes, etc. Start the date off right through flattery. If he returns the favour, then be coy, and/or even self-deprecating. It lets him know that you can accept a compliment, but also have a sense of humour. From there, ask him questions about his day, job, or family. Show genuine interest and tease him playfully at the right moments. Notice how he responds to the banter and continue doing so, if he joins in. Finally, if it feels appropriate, then feel free to making physical contact during the date. This can be through interlocking fingers or a slight graze of his elbow with your hand.

Helping you with Irish Dating

Intro strives to make dating in Ireland a positive experience. As professional matchmakers, we use our expertise to find the best match for you. Once you’re on the date, it’s up to you what happens. We hope that our best tips for flirting with men helps to make your first date a grand success.